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Building structures, heating system design, ventilation system design,
air cooling system design, water supply system design, sewerage system
design, project management, consultations, drafting of demolition work
organization projects, project development, dismantling works, dismantling,
construction estimates, preparation of construction cost estimates,
cost estimates preparation, energy audit, energy audits, designing,
construction project management, quality management, engineers, quality,
reliable employees, reliable company, reliable cooperation partners,
reliability, professionalism, alternative engineering solutions, appraisal
of environmental impact, industrial water supply solutions, industrial
waste water sewerage systems, domestic water-supply solutions, financial
analysis, economic analysis, construction project development, construction
project coordination, construction site design, construction technologies,
project feasibility study, client staff training, EU-funded project
technical management, EU-funded project administrative management,
technical supervision of construction works, engineer functions, 3D
modeling of buildings, detailed projects, reinforced concrete structures,
manufacturing drawings, plumbing, heating, water pumps, sewerage, borehole,
procurement documentation development, sketch project, technical project,
project approval, reconstruction supervision, construction supervision.
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